Souther 450

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve had a lot of spare time lately after some surgery in December of 2012.
This has meant plenty of time perusing around the far corners of the internet, finding weird parts of youtube and occasionally. Stumbling across something rather interesting.

Souther Boats is one of these things.
The Bass Boat market is fairly small in Australia, but i would say it’s growing every year as more people get into the sportfishing craze.
These awesome fast big high powered boats are great for the guys that can afford them and the hassles they bring (towing, storage etc)
For young guys like me or for people who simply don’t have the space for one of these big Bass Boats our options are somewhat limited. Buy a tinny and fit it out yourself, buy a already decked out alloy boat. Or do what I did and go down the custom fibreglass path (more on this later)

And this is where Souther come in.
These are basically mini bass boats. With all the bells and whistles of their bigger brothers without the added hassle.
I have spent wayyyyyyyyyy too long looking at their website (all of which i cannot read) but hey, pictures are worth a thousand words right?

Check out this beast.
4.5m Long
Nearly 2m Beam
Mid 200KG
HP 60hp
All the bass boat bells and whistles

I’ve seen photos of these on strange japanese blogs with 90 Etecs strapped on the back.
A 90 Suzuki would look right at home on one of these bad boys, and i’m sure you would get some serious speed out of a set up like that.

Happy Drooling 🙂

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  1. anthony wesley says:

    I have been looking at these boats for a while,Would love to know how to get one of these to Aus?

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