Tackle shopping in Shibuya

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

So I’m in Tokyo now, Shibuya district to be exact. This is like shopping heaven. I’m sure if you wanted anything in the world. You could buy it here.

I happen to be very close to a number of fishing tackle shops which has provided some entertainment and lots of inspiration. I love trying new and wacky techniques and this is something which the Japanese seem so good at!

I’ve recently been fishing a place choked full of weed and catching good bream and bass on suspending jerkbaits sight fishing the clear patches of ground in-between the thick weed. But the problem is 90% of the time your lure will get weed on it and make the cast wasted and a lot of the time spook the fish in the process.

This is where my idea comes in. Now bear in mind I’m only using 40-50mm jerkbaits in these instances. About 12 months ago I bought some plastics (in Japan would you believe) called Sawamura One-Up Shads. They were little 2″ finesse paddle tails. At the time I thought they would be awesome
for bass fishing and I was right. They have caught me some great fish.

I wanted to try them weed less around these clear patches but had trouble finding suitable worm hooks locally that were small enough to fit the 2″ profile.

A small flight to Japan and sure enough there is heaps of suitable hooks here and below are just a small selection of some I’ve found.

I’ll delve more deeply into how I plan on using these paired up with the Sawamuras and those Reins slip sinkers when I return to Australia.





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