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Okay, I’m probably going to cause some ruckus here, but this just really annoys me.

Step 1) Company A produces a lure, it’s taken on by a select few who like to adopt and try new things. Turns out it works well, really well infact. Popularity grows and grows, more people start to use and it all of a sudden it’s the talk of the town. Sure it might not be the cheapest lure, this can be attributed to many factors. Lots of R&D in the design, cost of developing mold, handling through a wholesaler or distributor.

Step 2) Some guy gets the shits with spending his hard earned, buys a lure and sends it to a factory in China to be flat out copied, same lure, same colours hell even give it the same name! That is simply just plain WRONG!

I don’t care who you are but when i was at school that was called plagiarism!

Support the people who are the innovators, they are the ones that spend the time and money developing new things for you to use. These are the guys that need your support.

I’m all for innovation, it doesn’t take a genius to make alterations to somethings design or shape to make it new and exciting! Making it 10mm smaller doesn’t really count if you ask me!



Omen Bream Rods – Part 1

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Australia boasts some of the best fishing on the planet no doubt, it’s also some of the most varied anywhere i can think of. One part of the country might dictate a super light spin stick, yet a days drive in any direction could have you needing a heavy baitcaster, or perhaps a nice medium weight spin stick. It’s this incredible diversity that makes it a long process to bring a rod to market that covers each application.

The OMEN range needed a couple of nice light powered true Bream rods added to the lineup, and that’s what I’ve been working on these past 6 months. Designing and perfecting two models that will cover all of your bream fishing needs. Excellent all rounders was what we were after, and we are getting to the pointy end of the design process. Many prototypes have come and gone, they’ve been around the country twice and we are almost ready for approval.

The hard thing with Bream fishing is there are so many techniques to catch them, with so many different lures and even line types that you could almost fill your rod locker and not have two rods the same. With the OBS610L and OBS71L models, I wanted them both to be able to ‘do everything’  but not just be mediocre, but excel at being a great all round Bream rod!

I really think we have achieved what we set out to do with these rods, The OBS610L is an awesome rod, I personally favour this one for fishing soft plastics or heavier structure. The OBS71L is a little longer and a smidge softer, perfect for fishing tight line presentations, and what i mean by that is techniques which for the most part have constant tension on the line as your fishing. Like slow rolling a crankbait for example. I personally prefer to use a fluorocarbon line straight through for these techniques, but a braid does work as well.

Anyway, just thought i would keep you in the loop. They are well underway and should be approved soon. I’m just a perfectionist when it comes to my fishing tackle!

Part 2 coming soon!